Friday, February 29, 2008


As you know, I like to race. Some people have always asked what it is I do, so I took a video from Car Fisher @ from a RallyX where I placed 2nd overall, 2nd in class. Look for the Red RS. It appears @ :55 and 4:46, if you get tired of listening to "The King".

Here is a quick preview of how it went down:

Also, I have posted pictues of the National RallyX from 2006 where I finished 1st in class, 4th overall.

DowROA's GooglePages Page!

The child seat is secure! We are ready to go! Baby Herring will racing in a few short years!

Test Post

This is a test post. I am cooking dinner right now. This is an ultrasound of Baby Herring at 18 weeks.