Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Today, we celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday! He thinks he's getting old, but Megan and Mommy think that the fun is only just beginning. Megan and Mommy had birthday lunch with Daddy, then when he got home, we had a birthday dinner, birthday cheesecake, birthday presents, and a birthday walk around the block. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Mommy learned a very important lesson today: Brush Megan's hair after washing it. Mommy towel-dried it last night after Megan's bath, but never got around to actually brushing it. Even when Mommy brushed it this morning, it stuck straight back up!! Mommy and Daddy kind of like the new look for a change...

Following up on my last post...Megan is still eating the caterpillar. She's starting to reach for her toys more and is grasping them with more consistency. Of course, anything she grabs hold of goes straight into her mouth. Actually, anything that comes within inches of her face usually ends up in her mouth...she looks like a little fish trying to get the worm off the hook =).

Earlier in the week, over Memorial Day weekend, we had a little snack out on the deck. Megan had her own chair with the Bumbo seat. But, a mosquito bit her, so we packed up and went back inside. Megan has enjoyed her Bumbo seat a lot. Not only does it give her a new perspective on her surroundings, but she can hang out with Mom more while Mom is in the kitchen or doing laundry.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The tables have turned, Caterpillar. Beware, there's a Very Hungry Megan in town!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet Dreams

It seems that people are especially fascinated by an infant's sleep patterns. The number one question I get from people about Megan is, "Is she sleeping through the night yet?"

"Yeah, right. In my dreams!" But this whole getting up every 3 hours to nurse isn't so bad. I've turned stumbling down the hall in pitch black while avoiding the creaking spots in the floor into a true art. And there is something reassuring about seeing your new child every 2-3 hours, and knowing she's ok -- even for the most sleep-deprived and sleep-loving parents.

But last night, I am so proud to finally be able to say, MEGAN SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! I feel like I should hang a banner on the front porch or something. It could read: "My daughter slept from 10pm 'til 6:30am, and I feel great!"

Now let me point out one grammatical nuance: I'm announcing that Megan slept through the night...not that Megan is sleeping through the night =). Is sleeping implies that this is a regular occurrence, and we're not there yet. She may not do this again for a while. So we'll just have to keep taking it one night at a time.

Megan content after a full night's sleep:

Megan poses for some photos despite being in a fussy mood:

Megan in her Bumbo seat from Aunt Clydie:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Happy Mother's Day

This past weekend was very special for me as I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day! We spent the weekend in Albemarle and got to see all the moms! It was Megan's first overnight trip. I think we packed up most of the house for the one-night stay. And we pretty much used everything except the stroller (who would have thought we could have left that at home?!?) But when you've got grandparents to carry you around everywhere...who needs a stroller =).

Megan got to experience all kinds of new things: riding in the Gator, seeing the horses, and napping in the boat (Check out the photos!)

After an action-packed visit with Granddaddy, Grandmommy, Aunt Beth and Kenny, little Megan had to say was time to go visit more special family!

Megan spent time with Grandmommy Herring and even got to meet her Granddaddy Herring, too. It was a very special weekend for us all -- and we can't wait to do it again!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wolfpack Fan

Daddy should be happy with this shot! Looks like little Megan might have to learn to be a Wolfpack AND a Tarheel fan!!

Megan has become a little pro at getting out and running errands with Mommy. On Friday, we hit Southpoint and rolled around a for a bit. Megan took a nap while Mom shopped.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tarheel Baby

No, she's not a boy...she's a Tarheel fan!!! And a cute one at that =). To be fair to Dad, tomorrow she will be a Wolfpack fan. She does live in a house divided after all!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Time for Everything

On Tuesday, Megan had a pediatrician appointment. She checked out a-ok, and the doctor noted how especially alert she was. She now weighs 12 pounds, 14 ounces!! She's grown to 23 1/4 inches, and her head circumference increased 2 cm to 38.5cm. Megan also got her first round of immunizations.

It was definitely not the best part of the doctor visit -- Megan screamed and cried and these two big tears rolled out of her eyes...but she pulled through and was calmed down by the time we left the office. The nurse was great and gave Megan her 3 shots in under 30 seconds. It was over before even Mommy knew it!!

Tuesday was also a special day for Dad -- he voted in his first election!!

Wednesday, Megan attended her first Subaru meet in Cary at Red Robin. It was also Mom and Dad's first meal in a restaurant with Megan since she was born. She slept through dinner, but was up and talking and smiling in the parking lot. She did get a bit hungry and fussy towards the end, but she and Dad got some quality car-talk time with the guys before we left.

And this weekend, Megan will make her first overnight trip to Albemarle for Mother's Day!

It's been an exciting week!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Look Who's Talking!

Megan had another big day today. Granddaddy and Grandmommy came up for a visit!! Megan was so excited to see them again (and to show off how much she'd grown since their last visit less than 3 weeks ago)! Daddy even had the afternoon off, so he got to spend some time with everyone, too. She had a great time playing with them as well as the new frog and duck chimes that they brought for her. And of course her favorite part of their visits is being held by them. She got fussy when they started to leave...but that was just because she was sad to see them go!! They'll be back for another visit very soon.

After Grandmommy and Granddaddy left, Megan still wasn't tired, so we had some tummy time. Mommy couldn't easily find anything to hang the new toy chimes on in the nursery that would work with tummy time, so she laid them on the floor -- but that did the trick! Megan held her head up the highest Mommy has seen to get a good look at the duck and frog. (Click here for additional pictures of tummy time and more.)

In the last few weeks, Megan has really gotten vocal, and "talks" a lot. She coos, ahhs, and ah-goos, and just makes all kinds of noises when she's happy or excited -- especially when her toys are involved. But sometimes, Mommy and Daddy hear Megan talking in her crib, just as happy as she can be. Mommy woke up this morning to Megan's chatter (and hiccups) in the crib, and caught a little bit on camera.

Mom got a little excited with the video recorder on the camera today and also recorded some afternoon play time with the new chime toys.