Friday, May 2, 2008

Look Who's Talking!

Megan had another big day today. Granddaddy and Grandmommy came up for a visit!! Megan was so excited to see them again (and to show off how much she'd grown since their last visit less than 3 weeks ago)! Daddy even had the afternoon off, so he got to spend some time with everyone, too. She had a great time playing with them as well as the new frog and duck chimes that they brought for her. And of course her favorite part of their visits is being held by them. She got fussy when they started to leave...but that was just because she was sad to see them go!! They'll be back for another visit very soon.

After Grandmommy and Granddaddy left, Megan still wasn't tired, so we had some tummy time. Mommy couldn't easily find anything to hang the new toy chimes on in the nursery that would work with tummy time, so she laid them on the floor -- but that did the trick! Megan held her head up the highest Mommy has seen to get a good look at the duck and frog. (Click here for additional pictures of tummy time and more.)

In the last few weeks, Megan has really gotten vocal, and "talks" a lot. She coos, ahhs, and ah-goos, and just makes all kinds of noises when she's happy or excited -- especially when her toys are involved. But sometimes, Mommy and Daddy hear Megan talking in her crib, just as happy as she can be. Mommy woke up this morning to Megan's chatter (and hiccups) in the crib, and caught a little bit on camera.

Mom got a little excited with the video recorder on the camera today and also recorded some afternoon play time with the new chime toys.

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