Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ladies' Lunch

Today, Megan and Mommy had a special lunch date with Aunt Beth. We ate lunch at Beth's work and got to meet all her co-workers. Beth was the proudest aunt ever as she showed off Megan to everyone, and Megan just adored it all and "talked" to everyone. Megan even got a beautiful gift from one of Beth's friends.

After we left Raleigh, Mom and Megan detoured by Mom's former workplace just to say hi. Megan slept the whole time (she was worn out after hanging out with Aunt Beth!) but was still adorable =). Mom enjoyed seeing her friends and catching up, and everyone was very excited to finally meet Megan.

Megan has had quite the busy social life lately. She and Mom have been getting out and about as much as possible. We've had lunch and afternoon walks with Daddy at his work, taken numerous trips to Target and the grocery store, and even gone shopping at the mall! But we still like playing inside, too, with our stuffed friends.

Megan is growing so fast! She's in almost all of her 3-6 month clothes (and looking so cute in them!). We go to the pediatrician next week, so we'll have updated measurements to post then. In the meantime, Mommy finally got around to uploading new photos, so check out the new albums (weeks 7-9).

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Car in the Family

While I like the fact that this blog mainly deals with the best part of the family -- the Herring Girls -- there are a few other things going on. On of the biggest ones was the fact I just sold my RS and used that to purchase a used WRX.

So, this all happened pretty quickly:
- Buyer #1 backed out on Thursday Morning
- Replacement car found on Thursday afternoon before I went home. Same state as buyer #2
- Buyer #2 contacted and had the money by Saturday
- Drove up 9hours on Sunday through 100% rain, and sold the RS
- Dealership picked me up Monday morning, and purchased car #2.
- Drove back home ~9 hours through 100% rain back.

All is good, and the car was bone stock. This weekend, I have gotten the rally suspension, rally skid plate, and mud flaps on the car. The only thing left is the rally exhaust and getting a new registration and license plate... is completely junky situation. That is this week -- ugh.

Hopefully, I will have this car for quite a few years, and the whole family will enjoy my time I spend with them instead of working on the car every May for a month :)

- brian

Friday, April 11, 2008

Do you see what I see?

Honestly, I have no idea sometimes what Megan does see, but if it holds her attention, then I love it. In the past week or so, Megan has become much more alert and aware of her surroundings, and has taken more interest in things around her. She's able to occupy and entertain herself for fairly long periods of time (for a baby) just by staring at her crib or bassinet mobiles or at a small toy placed nearby. And she's making the cutest noises of excitement and happiness.

Of course Mommy and Daddy still love holding Megan the most -- and Megan loves to be held. Mommy likes to sing to Megan, whose new favorite song is "It's a Small World."

Here are some photos from this morning:

Like father like daughter: Where's Megan's sock??!!

Megan and Mommy are ready to walk and roll!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Megans "R" Us

So...lots of updates!!!

1. Megan's Milestone

We took Megan to the pediatrician last week for her 1-month well-visit. That's right...Megan is now 1 month old (actually, she's now 5 weeks)!! She's grown nearly an inch and is up to 9 pounds, 11 ounces. Everything checked out ok and we will go back to the doctor in early May.

2. Kangaroo Dad

Since Megan has clearly gotten heavier, carrying her around for long periods of time gets tiring for Mom and Dad. So this weekend, we decided to try out the Baby Bjorn. Now we can carry her around and still have free hands. It allowed Dad to hold Megan and pet the dogs, and they are happy now, too. This will be a big help, too, when we're out and about.

3. A Place to Play

One of Mommy, Daddy, and Megan's favorite things to do is play (next to sleeping, of course!) But after 5 weeks, I think Megan was a little tired of seeing Mommy's hands waving in front of her face, and Mom's hands were just plain tired. We've been eying this activity mat for a while and today we braved another outdoor excursion to the baby capital of Durham: Babies "R" Us. Even though Megan was asleep most of the time, I think she was impressed. And she was definitely impressed with her new play mat -- she occupied herself with it for almost an hour tonight! It was the only thing that seemed to soothe her fussiness today. Her favorite toy is the mirror. The neat thing about this mat is that it has different configurations so it will grow and change with her as she reaches various developmental stages. It also compliments her other toys, like the Frog and Caterpillar, very well.

As always, check out our photo page for more photos of Megan with Mom and Dad, Aunt Beth's visit, playtime with the new mat, and more cute photos of Megan in cute outfits!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Baby Bookworm

Megan and Mommy are starting to settle into somewhat of a routine. After a few very sleepless mornings, Mom finally figured out that Megan is morning baby and from about 7am on, is going to be mostly awake and hungry until her late morning nap (usually around 11). It's no use putting her back in the crib...she wants to play and be held (and eat)!! So after Daddy kisses everyone goodbye, Mom and Megan have playtime.

Today we played with some of Megan's stuffed friends (Baby Tad, Lil' Big Bird, Baby Dino, and Penguin.) Baby Tad played songs for us and Megan took interest in the soft penguin. Since Megan liked the penguin so much, we decided to read Little Penguin and Friends, a touch and feel book. Mommy helped Megan touch all the animals in the book. You can see more pictures of playtime on our photo page.