Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Schumi Dance

Apparently Megan thinks only one person calls Dad on his cell phone - our friend Stephen Schumi. Everytime his phone rings, Megans gets excited, starts dancing, and says "Schumi!" Yesterday she really wanted to dance to Schumi, and kept asking for "more Schumi dance!"

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Videos

Last night when we were out playing in the snow, Megan had a fantastic time chasing Mocha around in a fun game of "snow tag" and trying to get the snowflakes off Mocha's back.

This video is from this morning.

It's Snow Much Fun!!!

It started snowing around 6:15 or so last night and it stuck to everything!! Megan bundled up for a few minutes of playtime before dinner. Thankfully her winter coat for next year just arrived this week, so we got to test it out. Too bad I didn't order the snow pants, too...but who would have thought we'd get so much snow???

When Megan woke up this morning, the first thing she said to me was, "SNOW!!" and pointed to the window. I guess she remembered!! After breakfast we really bundled up - it was a chilly 24 degrees and windy - and went out. The snow was really deep in the grassy areas and Megan had trouble walking through it. But out in the driveway, the accumulations weren't as great, so she had an easier time getting around. We tried to build a snowman, but the snow is super powdery and wouldn't stick to form a ball. It's a beautiful snow, though!

The snow doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon, so I'm sure we'll have tons more pictures and video to post over the next few days. (Check out the photo site!) Stay warm and enjoy the snow. We will!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Riding My Tricycle

For Christmas, Granddaddy and Grandmommy gave Megan a tricycle. She can't quite pedal on her own, but she loves to play on it and put things into the bin on the back. When it finally warmed up a bit last week, we took it outside to break it in!

The Yuckies

Last week we went through a very unpleasant first: Megan's first stomach virus. And it was NOT pretty. I don't do well with throwing up, and now I can say with certainty that I don't do well being thrown up on. Poor little Megan didn't keep anything down - solids or liquids - for about 2 days. And during that time, pretty much all we heard from Megan was "Meggie tummy hurt."

After a reassuring trip to the doctor, she finally did feel better. By the middle of the week her appetite had returned in full force. She asked for an egg for breakfast, so I told her I'd fix a little egg, and she said, "No, Mommy, a BIG egg." She ate the egg (I fixed her a little one just to be safe) and a piece of toast. When she'd eaten that, she turned to me and simply said, "Yogurt." Then she ate the whole cup of yogurt. And she's pretty much been eating everything in sight since then.

I think we're back on track with everything now. It was so sad to see her feeling so bad, but at least it didn't last too long.

Last week I also had a doctor's appointment. Everything checked out just fine and mom and baby are both growing. The baby kicks all the time, especially at night. I've surrendered to comfort and am now wearing maternity clothes. At my next appointment in February, I'll have my glucose test. After that, we enter the 3rd trimester and I'll have appointments every 2 weeks.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's My Potty and I'll Pee If I Want To!

This is one of those posts that may not be one of the "cuter" aspects of our lives, but it sure is a proud one! Megan has started to use her "big girl" potty!

She started showing signs of potty awareness a few months ago, so I picked up a little training potty. We haven't really used it for much other than a step stool to reach the sink to wash her hands. She'd sit on it occasionally, but nothing happened.

This past Wednesday, Megan was reluctant to have a new diaper put on after her morning diaper change, so I let her run around diaper-less. I put out the potty for her just in case and told her to use it if she needed it. I went into the kitchen to clean up breakfast and when I went back into the living room, she had peed in the potty!! We took the little removable bucket into the bathroom, and Megan got to pour it out into the big toilet and flush it all by herself.

I know, it all sounds kind of gross, but we were both very proud of her accomplishment: Her first big girl potty!

She used it again twice on Friday, with me initiating and encouraging her to go.

But tonight, Megan came to me and asked me to take off her clothes and diaper, and then she got on the potty and peed again!

We're going to take this at Megan's pace and not push anything, but I'll continue to give her the opportunities to use her potty and hopefully she'll continue to tell me when she wants to go, too. I know this won't be without accidents (we had one of those tonight, too), but so far, things seem to be off to a good start. We're so proud of Megan!

(And I know I'm behind on posting some Christmas photos -- I'll get that done, I promise!!)