Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!!!

Nothing is really going on..... OTHER THAN THE BABY'S COMING TO CHRIST, Aug 3rd, LIVE ON PAY-PER-VIEW!!!

See MEGAN take on THE CHRISTENING WATER in historic DOWNTOWN ALBEMARLE. Watch as she wears her ONE TIME CHRISTENING DRESS. See it as she has a MELTDOWN infront of the ENTIRE CONGREGATION!!!


First Lutheran Church of Albemarle
230 South Second Street
Albemarle, North Carolina 28001

Built in 1908, First Lutheran was the first church in Albemarle to be constructed of brick. While the 1930 Christian Education Building [right] was torn down and replaced by a more modern structure in 1975, the sanctuary remains as an excellent example of Gothic Revival architecture.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

House on the Greenway!

Today, we went and visited Uncle Kevin. He has a house now, so we checked it out. It is pretty dope. The baby thought it was dope as well. Everyone agreed the house was dope.While we were there, we also checked out the Greenway. As you can guess, that was mad dope. Mad fly dope.

Above is Luna checking out the dope deck. You can definitely tell from the tail that she finds it radical.

Below, you can see how dope the Living room is. It is so dope, Megan and Luna decided to have a
tête-à-tête about the severe dopicity of the room. Aw yea.

Yea, there is a reason why I am generally not allowed to update this blog.