Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Megan sings the ABCs

She's not even 2, but she's already a little performer! The ABC song is her favorite song to sing right now. I even hear her singing it to her stuffed animals in her bed when she wakes up in the morning. On this particular day she was singing while playing the piano.

Morning at the Museum

Last week Megan and I went to Raleigh to the Museum of Natural History. Megan was really excited to see the dinosaurs, but she also got to see so much more! She touched live turtles, saw snakes, fish and other bugs, and saw lots of cool, hands-on exhibits. I could barely get her to leave the arthropod room. We had a lot of fun and were there almost 4 hours! Before we left, she picked out 2 little stretchy snakes from the gift shop to bring home with her, and she has given them a proper home in a small basket in the living room!

Megan in front of the snakes:

Stopping for a snack in the dino footprint:

Hiding in the grass in the arthropod exhibit: (She told me she was a caterpillar and was pretending to eat the grass!)

Touching the big black beetle with hairy legs:

Feeling the animal furs in the Discovery Room: (In this room she also got to see a big beehive full of bees!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Up, Down, 'Round and 'Round

Sometimes on the weekends we take Megan to Northgate Mall to rider the carousel. She absolutely loves to ride on the animals -- especially the reindeer and the zebra.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last-Minute Snowman

Finally, we built our snowman. Megan has asked to build a snowman since the snow first fell, and tonight was pretty much our last chance before the snow melted. Megan had a tons of fun decorating the snowman with a carrot nose, button eyes, and a pipe-cleaner mouth.