Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Car in the Family

While I like the fact that this blog mainly deals with the best part of the family -- the Herring Girls -- there are a few other things going on. On of the biggest ones was the fact I just sold my RS and used that to purchase a used WRX.

So, this all happened pretty quickly:
- Buyer #1 backed out on Thursday Morning
- Replacement car found on Thursday afternoon before I went home. Same state as buyer #2
- Buyer #2 contacted and had the money by Saturday
- Drove up 9hours on Sunday through 100% rain, and sold the RS
- Dealership picked me up Monday morning, and purchased car #2.
- Drove back home ~9 hours through 100% rain back.

All is good, and the car was bone stock. This weekend, I have gotten the rally suspension, rally skid plate, and mud flaps on the car. The only thing left is the rally exhaust and getting a new registration and license plate... is completely junky situation. That is this week -- ugh.

Hopefully, I will have this car for quite a few years, and the whole family will enjoy my time I spend with them instead of working on the car every May for a month :)

- brian

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