Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Today, we celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday! He thinks he's getting old, but Megan and Mommy think that the fun is only just beginning. Megan and Mommy had birthday lunch with Daddy, then when he got home, we had a birthday dinner, birthday cheesecake, birthday presents, and a birthday walk around the block. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Mommy learned a very important lesson today: Brush Megan's hair after washing it. Mommy towel-dried it last night after Megan's bath, but never got around to actually brushing it. Even when Mommy brushed it this morning, it stuck straight back up!! Mommy and Daddy kind of like the new look for a change...

Following up on my last post...Megan is still eating the caterpillar. She's starting to reach for her toys more and is grasping them with more consistency. Of course, anything she grabs hold of goes straight into her mouth. Actually, anything that comes within inches of her face usually ends up in her mouth...she looks like a little fish trying to get the worm off the hook =).

Earlier in the week, over Memorial Day weekend, we had a little snack out on the deck. Megan had her own chair with the Bumbo seat. But, a mosquito bit her, so we packed up and went back inside. Megan has enjoyed her Bumbo seat a lot. Not only does it give her a new perspective on her surroundings, but she can hang out with Mom more while Mom is in the kitchen or doing laundry.

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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Hope you have many more!