Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet Dreams

It seems that people are especially fascinated by an infant's sleep patterns. The number one question I get from people about Megan is, "Is she sleeping through the night yet?"

"Yeah, right. In my dreams!" But this whole getting up every 3 hours to nurse isn't so bad. I've turned stumbling down the hall in pitch black while avoiding the creaking spots in the floor into a true art. And there is something reassuring about seeing your new child every 2-3 hours, and knowing she's ok -- even for the most sleep-deprived and sleep-loving parents.

But last night, I am so proud to finally be able to say, MEGAN SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! I feel like I should hang a banner on the front porch or something. It could read: "My daughter slept from 10pm 'til 6:30am, and I feel great!"

Now let me point out one grammatical nuance: I'm announcing that Megan slept through the night...not that Megan is sleeping through the night =). Is sleeping implies that this is a regular occurrence, and we're not there yet. She may not do this again for a while. So we'll just have to keep taking it one night at a time.

Megan content after a full night's sleep:

Megan poses for some photos despite being in a fussy mood:

Megan in her Bumbo seat from Aunt Clydie:

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Jennifer said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations on Megan sleeping through 1 night! I hope that Megan will continue to do this for you, but you are probably right that this might not happen again for a while. I have a friend at work whose baby has slept through the night from about 3 weeks on. He is now 8 months old! Talk to you soon!