Monday, March 10, 2008

Our First Bath

We gave Megan her first bath today. We didn't get any photos, because it took all our hands to clean her, but maybe next time. She didn't seem to mind the bath and didn't get fussy at all - even when we washed her hair. Dad had a nice set up for us on the kitchen counter complete with step-by-step bathing instructions (thanks, Huggies!!)

After bath time it was time to feed (again) then down for a nap. Next up is a walk outside, then a nap for Mom.

We've also been trying out our new swaddlers and wraps. Yesterday Megan was totally stylish in the swaddler that Grandmommy and Aunt Beth gave her. Last night, Mom put Megan in the Halo Sleepsack. The velcro closure is much easier to deal with and keeps little Megan's arms wrapped tighter. It also keeps her on her back. My other wraps kept her rolled to one side. As much as Mom likes making baby burritos, she just can't get them right at 3am. Dad does a much better job!!

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