Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bumper Baby

Lately, Megan has become a very wiggly sleeper. She can flip around 180 degrees in the crib in just a few minutes, and she often hits the sides of the crib. Tuesday night, Mommy got up to check on Megan since she's been tossing around in the crib a lot, and found Megan with her arm stuck through the slats on the crib. (She sleeps with her arms out but her hands up next to her head, and had actually wrapped her arm completely around a slat so that her elbow was pinned between the slat and the wall.) Thankfully Megan was sleeping soundly, because Mom had to twist her arm a bit to get it unstuck and move her back to the center of the crib. Mom was very relieved that Megan didn't hurt herself.

So yesterday, Megan and Mommy trekked to Babies R Us for a crib bumper. We decided to get one of the breathable mesh kinds that are supposed to be safer than the traditional poofy bumpers. We installed in when we got home and Megan tried it out last night. She moved around and kicked at the bumper, but her arms and legs stayed inside the crib, and Mom didn't have to untangle her in the middle of the night.

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