Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nature Walks and Happy Naps

Megan loves going on walks. We try to walk every day, weather permitting. We like walking later in the day, before bedtime, so that Daddy can walk with us; plus it's cooler then. Usually out on our walks we encounter lots of wildlife: squirrels, birds, cats, and lots of deer.

Sometimes we bring our own wildlife. Right after Mom snapped this picture, the cat whacked Shoki across the face. =)

Now that Megan sits forward in her stroller on our walks, she can get a better view of everything around her.

Today was a particularly good day. Megan took two very good naps (2 hours each!) in her crib -- even her afternoon nap, which she almost never takes in her crib. She slept so long this morning that Daddy actually had to wake her up early. I know we shouldn't wake a sleeping baby, but we had to get to Target to have portraits made! We got some great pictures of Megan in her christening gown and of the family. In about a week, we should have some digital copies to post on the blog! Yay!

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