Friday, August 8, 2008

Puppy Love

Over the last few weeks, Megan has taken a genuine interest in Mocha and Shoki. She gets the biggest smile when one of them walks into the room, or grunts happily at them, and reaches out her arms and tries to grab them. Most of time, she gets a good handful of hair and fuzz. The dogs aren’t quite as enamored with Megan as she is with them, but they’re warming up. Shoki likes to lick Megan’s hands and Mocha likes to sniff her head and lick her face. And Mom stands by with wipes to clean the fur and dog-kisses off Megan.

Sorry, there are no pictures of Megan and Mocha -- Mocha is afraid of the camera and runs away everytime we turn it on.

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Robin said...

max met my parents dogs. roxy (the golden) loves babies & licked his toes. but roxy got yelled at plenty for stealing burp cloths and max's toys. max laughs every time she barks though.