Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To Crawl or Not To Crawl?

Megan is still toying with the idea of crawling. She's getting closer to figuring it out, and I guess she'll get there when she's ready. We should be glad, really, that she's not there yet, because once she starts moving I don't think she's going to stop. And baby-proofing our house is going to be a nightmare. Brian still thinks that Megan's passion for attempting to pull up onto things is going to take her straight to walking. It's true, she does love to pull up on to me, and the other day I walked into the living room from the kitchen and she was trying to pull up on to the couch. She certainly has the strength to stand but lacks balance. When I hold her up in a standing position, she looks like she belongs in the commercial for Jell-O. So we're going to keep working on crawling for now. Here's the current play-by-play of Megan's attempts at crawling:

1. Start in sitting position.  Survey surroundings for possible targets:

2. Lean foward on hands and knees. Lock onto target:

3. Reach until target is acquired:

4. Face plant into target. Land on belly:

5. If all else fails, smile and look cute!

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