Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting Into (and onto and out of) Everything

It's getting really hard to keep up with Megan these days. She's so fast and gets into everything in an instant!! We put up safety gates a few months ago to keep her in the living room and to keep the dogs out. They work well, but we don't always get the gates shut behind us, and Megan has learned to watch the gates and she can tell if they are shut or not. If one is not locked, she speeds towards it, pulls it open, and crawls through. She gets very excited when she's "on the outside" and likes to explore the bathroom, kitchen, piano room, and even the stairs.

When Megan is in the bathroom and kitchen, she loves to open the cabinets and pull out pretty much everything. Time for safety locks! (which i have, but haven't installed yet.) I do my best to keep her out of most of the cabinets, but I do let her have free reign over the tupperware cabinet.

And this last little trick of hers had to be put to a stop very quickly, but I did think it was a good demonstration of Megan's determination to go anywhere. I guess she wanted a closer look at the gas logs, so she climbed onto the hearth!

She's showing no signs of slowing down, either. In the last week she's started to stand up on her own. Tonight she even managed to move one foot forward before falling down. I don't know if that officially counts as a first step or not, but I don't think it will be long before she's going to be even harder to keep up with!

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