Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daddy's Weekend!

This weekend, Daddy went to an HPDE! For those not familiar with that term, it is a High Performance Driving Event. Essentially, this was something dad has been trying to do since 2005, but the timing never really worked out. The location for this event was in Alton, Virgina at Virgina International Raceway, or ViR for short. The event was hosted by THSCC/TZC, and it was a great event with great weather (and yes, friendly nice people).

So, this was Daddy's first time on a real track, and a thing that he "needed" to do to see if this is something daddy wanted to continue doing. Well, it started out rocky, but by the end of the event, I think Dad enjoyed it. There was lots of good things, and an exceptional instructor, Devin Cazin.

As for the event, a lot of words could be typed here, but it is mostly something that I think you just have to experience. You can watch videos, talk about turns in excrutiating detail, and analyze the 2-2.5 minutes on the 3.27 mile Full Course. Experiencing these events with friends is what really makes them special, and I am glad that Wei Yan (Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR) went along with me.

The actual driving... well, this is something that Mommy would not have approved of, nor enjoyed. Dad was mostly in 3rd and 4th gear (about off the limiter in 4th), so I think that is somewhere between 40 - 134mph (update: this is what the math worked out to with 3.9 with 225/45/17s ^ 6500rpm) -- not Mom's cup of tea. However, Hopefully she will come next time to take some pictures of the event, and we can all enjoy a day in the country. Dad did pass a lot of people, but more importantly, he learned a lot about how to be "more smoof" and rediscovering why he races (Dad just likes to do it, and Dad doesn't have to think about it or anything else).

If you ever have a chance to just stop by ViR and check out a race on a race weekend, I would highly suggest it. This is something our whole family has done in the past with GT Live, and it is something that everyone seemed to enjoy (including Mom!). It is truly awe inspiring as you drive over the bridge and are able to see 5,5a,6, and 6a on the right, and the Uphill-esses on the left (people over 100 through tight turns). The visual speed the cars carry and the weight you can hear is something you just have to experience.

Dad might get a chance to do another one of these later this year, but it is something that Dad is glad he got to do.

Thanks Mommy and Megan for giving me the time to do this and being so understanding (setting up the car, being gone, tearing the car back down -- 40+ hrs of work I am not with the family :( ).

I love you!

- Daddy

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