Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hive-less, but not toothless

The hives appear to be gone. We don't have to see Megan all red and splotchy anymore!! (This picture was from Saturday morning.)

It took all weekend for them to subside, but I haven't seen any since Sunday night -- a great thing since Megan was refusing to take any more Benadryl. By Sunday night, none of us were doing so great with the Benadryl...Daddy tried to give Megan the last dose, but the oral dispenser was a little more sensitive than he realized and he shot Benadryl all across the kitchen and onto the ceiling. Amid all the stress of the hives and a fussy baby, we at least got a good laugh out of that.

I think we hit this "perfect storm" of baby issues this past week...on top of the cold/ear infection and hives, Megan also started to cut her top teeth. I guess the bottom tooth got lonely, so the top one decided to join the party. That would certainly explain her increased fussiness and obvious discomfort while sleeping (or, more accurately, not sleeping). I don't remember the first tooth being this bad, but i'm sure things have been compounded by the congestion and other junk. So far only one of the top teeth has cut through the gum, but it doesn't look like the other is that far behind. We'll have to wait and see.

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Jennifer said...

I hope Megan gets to feeling better soon and gets both teeth in!