Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday

Today is a VERY special day -- Megan's first birthday!! I still can't believe that a whole year has passed. It's gone by so quickly! It really does seem like just yesterday that she was born. 

We got Megan a little cake to celebrate tonight. She had no problem digging right into the icing! We cut her a slice so she could get to the cake. She nibbled on the cake and smeared it all over her face -- but we didn't let her go too overboard since it was just before bedtime.

Thanks to everyone who called, emailed, left messages, and sent cards for Megan's birthday. She's a lucky girl to have so many people who care about her! And thanks to everyone who has kept up with our family through our blog and photos this past year. We're looking forward to keeping it up in this next year, too!


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