Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Year Check-up and More

Last week Megan had her 1 year check-up with the doctor. She weighed in at 23 lbs 2 oz (80th percentile), measured 30.25 inches (85th percentile), and has a head circumference of 44.7 cm (45th percentile). She's growing quite well! I joke with Brian that we don't need to measure her to know she's getting taller...just watch her reach things on countertops and tables that she couldn't reach a few weeks ago! We also got 2 more immunizations -- not fun.

The pediatrician also encouraged us to give Megan more table foods, so we've been doing just that. It's easier for her to eat chunkier food now, too, since she has 3 teeth. She's been eating chicken breast, ground turkey, steamed veggies (carrots and squash mostly), fruit (bananas, apples, pears, and peaches), pasta, yogurt, cheese, and even a fish stick. She seems to really like the meats, especially the turkey. The only thing that she really hasn't liked so far was the cottage cheese, but I'm still offering every few days in hopes that she'll change her mind. Lasagna is on the menu this week, so we'll see how she likes my version compared to Gerber's.

Megan is also developing quite a little vocabulary! She says Dada, puh-puh (puppy), ball, ballah (balloon), duck, dog, and has "conversations" all the time with her animals and books. She also barks like a dog: arf arf, and sputters when she sees cars. Two nights ago I was especially proud when she looked down at her pajamas covered in little ducks and pointed to one on her leg and completely unprovoked said, "'Duck!"

I'm amazed at how much of a little person she has become in this first year!! Just for fun, here are some then and now photos:

March 2008 -- a few days old...

March 2009 -- 1 year old...

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