Monday, June 15, 2009

Playgroup at the Museum

We spent this morning at the museum with our playgroup. We played mostly in the indoor play area, and Megan showed a lot of interest in the toys and exhibits and interacted well with the other kids. Megan especially liked the weather exhibit (because it has big spinning balls). Even though we didn't stay too long - about an hour - Megan was still really tired and ready to come home for a nap. For the most part we're down to one nap a day now. I had tried pushing it until after lunch, but I think Megan seems happier with late morning - around 11:30 or so.

Megan and the ball maze:

Megan and the weather ball:

Megan and the clouds:


Robin said...

so which museum is this? the one in durham?

dowroa said...

Yea, if you can survive the trip!

Great place to go.

Museum of Life and Science

433 W Murray Ave
Durham, NC 27704
(919) 220-5429
Get directions