Friday, July 17, 2009

Duke Infant Study

Megan and I participated in our 5th Duke Infant Congnition Center study yesterday about infants' non-verbal understanding of numbers. If you are interested in the details, you can read more about the study by clicking here. Megan did really well, especially since this was a much longer, 3-part session. She even made it all the way through the 15-minute touch-screen portion of the test (which she didn't make it through last time). I even got to participate in a portion of the test at the end while Megan hung out and played with the lab assistant in the other room.

Our refridgerator is getting full with all of Megan's "diplomas."

Afterwards, since we were already on Duke's campus, we went to Sarah P. Duke Gardens and strolled around. We saw tons of ducks up close on the little footbridge at the pond, and there were lots of beautiful flowers in bloom - mostly lilies that I could identify. We found some really neat "off-the-beaten-path" nooks and crannies in the Asian garden that we will go back and explore. The gardens aren't always stroller-friendly with all the gravel paths, but we managed ok. We also went over the terraces, which were amazing. Megan really liked the lily pads and the rose blooms. I forgot to take my camera (since the Gardens was a spur of the moment decision), so we're watching the weather for a nice day to go back and get some new photos.

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