Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Tractor Game

We made up a new game to play with the tractor. Instead of rolling the tractor down the driveway with Megan on it (which is still lots of fun!), Mommy rolls the tractor down the driveway and Megan tries to catch it! She thought this was a cool game, and was proud of herself when she caught it. She only missed catching the tractor once, and it was too cute watching her run all the way down the driveway after it.

After playing with the tractor, we found an earthworm in the driveway. Megan really likes worms, snakes, lizards, and bugs in general. She thinks all snake-like animals hiss and anytime she sees anything resembling a snake, she starts hissing. She also hisses when she sees any kind of hole, because she knows that snakes live in holes in the ground. She's a smart little girl!!

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