Sunday, July 12, 2009

Signed up to Swim

Megan is officially signed up for the Parent-Tot swim class at our nearby community pool. I can't even begin to tell you what an accomplishment this is - and we haven't even made it to the pool yet. Apparently Durham swim classes are akin to Willy Wonka's Golden Tickets. I arrived at the pool to sign up around 9:15 Saturday morning (registration opened at 9:30), thinking it would take about 15 minutes and I could get back home. Wrong. When I arrived, there were only half a dozen parking spaces available in the far corner of the lot and there was a line of people stretched almost as far back as those parking spaces. One Mom had arrived at 6:30 that morning to secure her spot at the front of the line. People had brought chairs, books, and snacks...they looked prepared for a day at the beach. Hello, people!!! It's a swim class. I think I would have had an easier time getting Megan enrolled into an Ivy League preschool =).

At least I was in line with some nice folks, so that helped pass the time during my 2-hour wait. That's right -- TWO hours. We had fun laughing at the expressions of Oh My Gosh! and You've Got To Be Kidding! on the faces of other people arriving after us. I also got to play nurse to some of the kids in line who came off the playground with banged up hands and knees. The first aid kit came in handy for sure!

Nonetheless, we are excited about our upcoming swim lessons (they begin on the 20th), and for future swim class sign-ups...we may finally have an occassion to break out the camping tent!

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Jennifer said...

That is unreal!

I was going to tell you that we got Brayden a baby pool this weekend. It is small, but big enough for Megan & Brayden both to play in if you want to bring her swim gear when you come over. Looking forward to seeing you both!