Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still Alive!

Good week all! Sorry we have not been posting as much, but we are quickly approaching our due date of May 11th, 2010 for the birth of our second daughter!

What has happened since March 18th? Good question!

Dad has had a little spare time to get two races in (quite rare these days). First, he did a rallyX at Four Oaks with THSCC. Dad finished 3rd overall and 3rd in class. Not bad for a car that isn't supposed to be competitive, relative to his competitors!

Daddy Picture!
Following the rallyX weekend, Dad went back to ViR and entered a CircuitX. This is a race where Dad races on a real road course, but speeds don't exceed 100 mph. Dad had a dry course and a COMPLETELY soaked course. In the wet, Dad was the fastest, and in the dry, Dad did OK on a complete rally setup. Life is full of compromises!

No pictures this time, but Dad loves it when people ask him how much MORE power he has, and he just let's them know it is a SOFTER car with stock power. ;)

Dad has another RallyX coming up on April 17-19th where he is setting up and teaching. In July, Dad has another CircuitX at ViR, and that will more than likely be it for a while.

Thanks for reading, and now I need to get busy writing another post about the girls!

- Dad

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