Monday, May 3, 2010

Pop goes the Mommy!

Hi again!

Well, it is almost time, but not quite. Since this is our last planned child, and actually carrying around a child inside of you for 9 months is an important time, I thought it was only fitting that we have some pictures to remember this time by!

I guess that it is fitting that our last child is going to be born near Mother's Day weekend. It is a special time for Mommy and the family.

On a related note, Megan and Mom are both born in March while Sarah and Dad are both born in May! This will lead to some interesting birthday situations and delegation in the future, I am sure.

We may not be updating this for a while (or we might have to rely on help from others!), but we should have some exciting news on May 11th 2010! Mom hit her first date 100%! Let's see what happens this time!

Here's to hoping we see you all happy and healthy on the other side!

- Dad


Jennifer said...

Yeah!! I LOVE the name!! Can't wait to meet Sarah!

The Browns said...

The time, at least for the rest of us, has gone by so fast. You still look amazing at 9 months prego. I can't wait to meet her, and I'm so happy she is sporting the "h". Congratulations in advance!