Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mom & Dad: March - Dec 2011

Ah. The patriarch and the matriarch. Let's start with the latter!

Besides being the true "head of the household", Mom has started playing handbells at the local church, where she also helps out with PMO (Parent's Morning Out) at times. She had been lending some of her Graphic Design handiwork to come up with a logo for the shirts and bags that the group has been using, as well! Furthermore, Mom is back to doing some contract work for The Durham Visitor's and Convention Bureau, where she was formerly the Direct Of Marking and Communication. Currently, Mom has been doing a superb job raising two wonderful (and well mannered!) children, which frankly, takes more patience than I would ever have. All day, she organizes trips, plans activities, plays, cleans, resupplies, and does... every day. If there is ever a heart to a family, it is a lot of the time the Mom's and she has my total respect, and an open budget to do what she can with what we have.

I am impressed (as always)!

Then, the Dad. Notable events that have happened have been few. Mostly, I have moved out of racing, for the time being. I have sold the last "race car" that I had, and I am putting all my effort into my health, and into the family for a while. Playing lots of indoor soccer. Then, in September, I had an MCL 2 injury that still has me on the sidelines. However, it has been a great time to hang out with the family more, and make out schedules a little less hectic. I have enjoyed it, and I think I might be taking a step back for a little while longer to just be more of a Family Dad.

Overall, I think this has been a great year. We have started working on the house (which forced us to start working on it ;) ) and we are starting to develop into a family of four similar, yet unique, individuals. These are good times, and now that we are ending the 'baby' portion of the family, expect more updates, and hopefully with more pictures!

Remember to check the link on the side for the Shutterfly pictures, as words might not always appear here, but new pictures always will!

- Dad

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