Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beach Blog: Day 2, Sunny Days Ahead!

We had great weather for day 2 of our vacation. All week the forecast called for cloudy skies and chance of rain. But there were hardly any clouds in the sky all day! We woke up to a beautiful sunrise, then went for a short walk on the beach.

In the afternoon we took Megan to the pool for her first swim. She didn't really swim -- more like cruised around in her cute little boat float. We had the pool to ourselves, so we had plenty of room to play. She had a good time splashing around.

We moved from the pool to the beach and just hung out in the sun for a bit and enjoyed the waves coming in and going out. It was pretty windy, but nice and sunny. Definitely the kind of weather you could easily sunburn in if you aren't careful, but we were extra careful. We all had sunscreen on and Megan had some extra protection with her new hat. (I forgot to pack her sunhat, so we had to get a new one this morning.) Then it was back inside for an afternoon nap.

We wrapped up today with one last walk on the beach as the sun started to set.

Tomorrow is our last day down here, so we'll have to say goodbye to the ocean and sand. We're thinking about taking in Fort Fisher Aquarium before we leave. We'll see how everyone (ie Megan) feels tomorrow. It's been a nice getaway.

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