Monday, October 6, 2008

The Herrings Go Racing!

Hi All:

Since Mommy is a busy woman, I thought I would update you on the past two weekends of racing that we have had! :)

So, Sept 28th, 2008, Daddy had his first RallyX in quite a while, along with the first RallyX in the new car he got from Keith Vail. Daddy did OK, and he thinks that the results really don't speak how tight, close, or good the competition or event was. If you really look at it over the course of the day, it was very changable, and with the REALLY WET conditions, it was anyone's race. However, Daddy lucked out in the afternoon with the drying out, and from not making too many mistakes, he was able to pull it out.

Below is a picture of Daddy and Megan to commemorate the day along with the results!

Links to Results:

This past weekend, Oct 4th 2008, the whole family was heading down to ViR to see GTLive. This was Daddy's first time to ViR, and Daddy thinks the whole family loved it. Mommy was actually heard saying "Wow, this is cool and different than I thought it would be."

That is music to Daddy's ears! :)

Mommy did her best sweeping in all the prizes, and Daddy did what he does best -- using all the prizes! So, thanks to Mommy, Daddy got to:

  • - Ride in an 08 STi on ViR Full Course for 2 laps.
  • - Play on the ViR go-karts
  • - Have $50 of play money for his/her car!
  • - Drive the '09 WRX with 265hp!

We got to hang out with current friends, meet some old friends we haven't seen in a while, and tour the ViR facilities Daddy has been wanting to see for a while.

In all, it was a great two weekends, and Daddy can't wait until the event next year. Until then, please check out Mommy's Shutterfly account on the right tab to see all the photos AND video we took, and I am sure we will be seeing Megan on some ViR flyers soon (everyone was taking photos of her!).

Thanks for reading and watch as Megan tries to keep up with the cars on course at turn 2 and 3!

GTLive with Subaru ViR, Track Attack, and Go Karts! - 1 from Stacy Herring on Vimeo.

- Daddy

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