Thursday, October 9, 2008

Megan ViR Video!

ViR GT Live -- Megan V RaceCars! from Stacy Herring on Vimeo.


Jennifer said...

How are you doing? Haven't seen a new post in a while. Hope you are all OK. They are inducing me on Monday if Brayden doesn't decide to come before hand.

Question: How do you add photos, videos, etc as part of the post & not on the side?

See you soon!

Jennifer said...

You can come by anytime you would like. Beth is coming tomorrow & then we are going to Albemarle on Friday. Next week, Julie is coming on Tuesday & Brayden has his 2 week appt on Wednesday at 1:30. Otherwise, I should be here. Email or call & let me know when you might want to come by.

Jennifer said...

We should be home all day Friday & then Monday-Wednesday next week is all clear. Let me know if one of those days will work for you. We can meet somewhere if you want. I am finally starting to feel comfortable leaving the house by myself with him :)