Monday, April 6, 2009

Pigtails and Lawn Chairs

The past few days have been pretty low-key around here. We've just been enjoying the outdoors (when it hasn't been raining) and taking it relatively easy. Megan really likes being outside, running after the dogs with frisbees, kicking the soccer ball, picking flowers, and of course, riding in her wagon. We picked her up a little adirondak chair to sit in outside. It's just her size! Granted, she doesn't spend a ton of time just sitting still, but she likes to climb in and out of it and drag it around the yard.

On Saturday we went to Raleigh to visit Beth and Kenny and spend some time at their new house. Megan had fun running through all the empty rooms and checking everything out. And that evening we watched some of the Final Four games, but I must confess that I've been only barely aware of the tournament this year. But I hear that UNC is going up against Michigan State tonight in the final game, so GO HEELS!

Oh - back to the outdoors. We finally got our riding lawn mower fixed. It runs, sounds great, and cuts better than ever. The break in the weather from all the rain gave Brian and chance to mow the yard. Megan and I helped pick up sticks and carry them up to the woods. Good thing he mowed yesterday because it rained - again - this morning. I know it's only early April, but if there is a drought this year, I'll just be flabbergasted. 

The last topic on my mind tonight is Megan's hair. We've been experimenting with some different hair styles this week to keep it out of her face and eyes. If it's not pulled back, she looks like one of those long-haired toy dogs whose eyes you can never see.

She's got so much hair (but I'm not ready to cut it yet) that the little bows just can't hold it all. So we've been using hair ties instead. Our favorite style right now is the little water spout on top of the head, but we did go bold with some pigtails one day. I'm still fighting the ongoing battle of how to keep Megan from pulling out the ties and bows in her hair without having to glue them in!

I think tomorrow we will go visit the Easter Bunny at the mall for some photos. We're supposed to have a park playdate tomorrow morning with the DMC, but it's supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow and I'm not sure that's the most fun park weather. We'll see how we feel in the morning.

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE the pigtails!!!