Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I try to keep Megan involved in several activities so that she can socialize with other kids, try new things, and learn within a structured environment. We belong to a small playgroup and go to a weekly gym class, and this morning we went to the library for lapsit story time. 

I'd heard good things about the library storytimes from one of our playgroup moms, and Megan loves books (Brian and I read a ton to Megan at home, and she loves to "read" her books by herself), so we thought we'd try it out. Plus, I figured that it couldn't hurt Megan to have to sit relatively still for half an hour. =)

The books this morning were cute and the storyteller - who was great - had some fun props to go along with the books and really involved the children. We also sang songs and had a short play time with some toys. For one of the songs, the kids got to pick Easter eggs that rattled from a basket to shake along with the song. Megan picked the largest one and immediately pulled it apart, spilling dried beans all over the floor. After storytime, we checked out some books to take home. 

When we got home, Megan flipped through her books and even started "reading" her very first Stephen King novel.

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