Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun at the Library

Each week we go to the library for storytime. But today, storytime was cancelled (we found at once we got to the library). A lot of the other moms and kids showed up, too, so we invaded the children's section and held an informal library playgroup. The library has some large toys for the kids to play with, including a big cardboard castle. We played with the other children (most of whom are younger than Megan), read a few books, played in the castle and ran through the aisles of books. The other kids were having fun crawling around and at one point several of the crawlers zeroed in on the magazine rack and had magazines all over the floor. I'm guessing the library will think twice before cancelling storytime again without some advance warning!! It was still really fun, though!!

Megan picks out a book to read:

Megan playing in the cardboard castle:

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