Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tooth Explosion

On Monday night, Megan woke up around 1 or 2am screaming. Normally, I let her try to work it out and go back to sleep on her own, but that wasn't happening. So I went in, comforted her, and went back to bed. Then around 5 am - same thing. In my groggy state, I didn't really think too much about why she was up, I just wanted her (and me) back to sleep. So when I was changing her diaper after we got out of bed (again) for the day, I noticed some white inside her mouth, and sure teeth! I think I've mentioned before that her teeth only seem to come in around 3am...

I think there are 3 new teeth coming in: 2 on the bottom and 1 up top, and they are pretty far back, so maybe molars. She has 8 in right now (4 bottom and 4 top), and this will bring her up to 11. What a mouthful! She appears to be feeling better now. We did give her Tylenol Tuesday night to help ward off any nighttime pain, but haven't needed to give her more since. Here's a picture of her toothy grin. Ok, that's not much of a grin!!

In addition to the tooth explosion, we've also had little vocabulary explosion. Up until now, Megan's been pretty content with her dozen or so words that she says. But in the past week and especially these past few days, she's really started trying to say more things. She now says baby, moo, moon, owl, oink, diaper, pillow, and beetle. Granted some (ok, most) of them aren't crystal clear, but she's showing a lot of interest in trying new words and we're certainly encouraging her!

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Robin said...

yeah, max's 12th tooth - another molar is coming in now, so he's dealing with that. not waking at night, but not super happy. that is a lot of words! she's definitely much more verbal than max!