Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grammy Time

Grammy Herring came up to visit this week. We had a really great time! We played in the yard, played games, and played with the neighbors and the animals. Grammy got to go to playgroup with us and see the new dinosaurs at the Museum of Life and Science, and went to the library with us for storytime. She also braved some card games with me and Brian at night after Megan went to bed.

Megan really enjoyed the visit, even if she was a little fussy - she cut another molar - and wasn't all that happy about it.

Grammy brought some fun toys for Megan, including these stacking and nesting blocks. Megan loved knocking them down!

The Dinosaur Trail at MLS has a fossil dig area where the kids can dig and sift through dirt for little fossils (shells and such). Megan was a real expert with the shovel!

Despite not feeling well becasue of the teething, Megan really perked up in the play area and had a ball in the playhouse...especially on the slide! I think she was showing off for Grammy!

Thanks, Grammy, for a great visit, and we can't wait to see you again soon!

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