Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend at Busch Gardens

We took a family trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg this weekend. For early August we had suprisingly nice weather. The park didn't really feel all that crowded, either, despite the fact that we had to park out in Bavaria - literally! (Bavaria was the last overflow lot.)

When we arrived at the park, our first stop was the Sesame Street Forest of Fun where we caught the end of a dancing show featuring Elmo and friends. It was really crowded, so we didn't get to go too far into this enchanted forest!

Then we dined on sandwiches and cannelloni and watched the Festival Italia show in Italy. Megan loved the music and danced and clapped along. She also rode the Little Balloons all by herself, and rode the Little Gliders with Daddy. She liked the balloon ride, but was not so sure about the can see her holding on tight to Daddy in the picture.

In Scotland, Megan played with the dragons, rode the carousel and water boats, and watched the Loch Ness Monster rollercoaster zoom by. We also saw the huge Clydesdale horses, and Megan rode the Little Clydes horse ride.

We saw wild animals, a macaw, kangaroo, wolves, and bald eagles on our way to Ireland. Before we left the park, we took a ride around the park on the train.

Check out this video of Megan riding the rides!

It was a big trip, and we're all very tired...but we're looking forward to going back.

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The Browns said...

Wow, I'm so impressed!! I think I was 12 before I would ride a ride by myself. Good for her.