Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beth's Wedding Weekend

The weekend of August 29 was very special for our family -- my sister Beth got married! We spent the weekend at Lake Norman for all the festivities.

It was a great weekend: I got spend time with "the girls" on Friday while Megan hung out with Dad - pretty much all day! I got my first ever pedicure and I confess, I may now be addicted to them (or at least the part where they massage your legs!). The only rough part of the weekend was that I got sick before the wedding and ended up losing my voice the day of the wedding. =(

Friday night, before the wedding, we had a dinner cruise on the Lady of the Lake. The weather didn't fully cooperate and an evening thunderstorm rained on the party - but we had a fun time anyway.

Beth and Kenny were married on Saturday under a huge covered porch with Lake Norman as the backdrop. It was beautiful, and since I had an up-close view of the bride and groom, I can tell you that they were glowing throughout the ceremony. Afterwards, we ate, partied and danced until Little Megan had to go to bed. (She held out until after 10pm!!)

Congratulations to Beth and Kenny!

Beth and Kenny with Mom:

Megan in her beautiful party dress:

And what wedding weekend isn't complete without a visit from the local fire department? The hotel laundry room had a small fire during breakfast and we all had to evacuate:

There are more pictures of the wedding weekend on our photo page. If you do look through the pictures, you'll see that I didn't get any good pictures of the Beth and Kenny at the actual wedding. If anyone who reads this blog was there and did get a good shot or two, send them my way and I'll post them! Thanks!

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