Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! Megan was a pumpkin for Halloween this year. She loved her costume and didn't want to take it off! We went to a Halloween party at Aunt Beth's work in Raleigh on Thursday night (where we also got to see Unc-Kenny). Megan had a blast. She made "friends" with a girl in a green monster suit, and wanted to follow her around. Megan didn't really want to get too close to the "monter" as Megan called her, so we kind of stalked her from a distance. She really liked all the games, especially the ball toss. She liked this game so much that she tried to run off with the green buckets! The mummy-wrap contest at the end of the night really caught Megan's attention, too, and she kept saying "mummy" on the way home. She also became a big fan of orange and green Jell-O.

On Saturday, she dressed up again, and we went out after dinner to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood. We put Megan in the wagon with the top off so she wouldn't have to walk (or rather, so we wouldn't have to carry her), and she had a great view of all the people out - and there were a bunch! Megan particularly liked a girl dressed as Minnie Mouse. Megan even went up a few driveways and said some version of "trick-or-treat" or "happy halloween" and scored some candy in her pumpkin bucket. On the ride home, she tried to eat her candy, wrapper and all, and she repeatedly said, "candy! yummy!" Until this Halloween, I didn't even know she knew what candy was!

I've got say, she is one cute little pumpkin (and not just because she's my little pumpkin)!!

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