Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Round Two

I've thought a lot over that last few weeks what to title this post. I've considered, Our Big News (sounds kind of generic), Brian & Stacy Plus One More (but do I really want to liken our family to Jon and Kate?), or It's Not a Baby Bump, It's Too Many Roast Beef Sandwiches! (that's probably the most accurate of them all) ...but whatever I call this post, it all boils down to yes, we're having another baby!!

I'm 14 weeks now - officially in the 2nd trimester. We had an OB appointment this morning and heard the little whooshing heartbeat. I'm so glad to be out of the first trimester which I'll briefly recap: I ate, puked, slept, woke up, puked, ate, and puked some more. In the early weeks potatoes were my friend, so much so that I fully expected to see this on the monitor at our 8-week ultrasound:

Fortunately, our "proof of life" photos showed the standard little tadpole-baby:

Our next doctor's appointment is Dec 15. This will be the big 19-week ultrasound and we should find out the sex of the baby then. Our due date is May 11, 2010. So then we'll have a 2 year old and a newborn! I'm sure Megan doesn't grasp the concept of what all the new baby will entail, (though she does tell me that babies sleep) but I did sit her down and show her the pictures of the baby from the ultrasound and told her that the baby was in mommy's tummy. She then lifted up my shirt, pointed to my tummy, waved, and said, "baby." And if we ask her where the baby is, she'll point to my tummy.

I guess that's all the new baby news for now. In Megan-world, she's talking non-stop and learning new words every second it seems. She's started counting (she's got a handle on 1-4 and 5 on a good day) and she's singing. Mostly she sings her ABCs. A through G sound pretty good and the rest of it is a bunch of Cs and Es, but she's getting the tune down. It's really adorable and she's so proud of her counting and singing. Brian says I need to get videos of this, so I'll work on it. She wants to do everything by herself, too. Independence is great, but it leads to a lot of frustration. But other than that, things are good! Here's a picture of Megan couch-surfing:

We'll keep you all posted on the pregnancy!


The Browns said...

I will admit that we already knew through our tight family circle, but non the less CONGRATULATIONS!! We are so excited for you, and can't wait to find out what it is. I'm glad you're feeling better. Hurray for second trimesters!!

Robin said...

whoa! congrats! am i glad I checked today. we visited a very pregnant friend (1 wk before her due date) but I was hesitant to tell Max there was a baby inside her belly for fear that the one time he says something intelligible it will be to tell some stranger they are fat! omg, megan's verbal is amazing! congrats again!