Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Not a Moose, It's a Reindeer!

I completely forgot that I had taken these pictures until I saw them on the camera today! Last weekend, one of my favorite stores in Durham, Morgan Imports, held a Christmas open house. Santa was there and they had homemade doughnuts. And to be totally honest, we probably went for the free doughnuts more than anything else, but ended up seeing some really neat stuff. And yes, the doughnuts were awesome!

Megan enjoyed the store, too. They had all kinds of unique Christmas ornaments on the trees, and Megan picked out a cute little metal orange owl ornament for our tree. She also found a fun, cheap little paper toy which she had a lot of fun with, but it has since been eaten by one of the dogs. I suspect Mocha, who wasn't looking too innocent that day and has a history of eating paper products.

Anyway, Morgan's had a big reindeer set up for photo ops. Megan wasn't wild about being on the reindeer, but did enjoy poking around his nose and checking out his antlers.

On the way out we ducked into the children's corner where Megan fell in love with every toy and stuffed animal she saw! She had fun telling us what each animal was and giving them pets, hugs, and kisses.

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Robin said...

sounds like a cool store. i'll have to check it out sometime.