Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

Megan and I fill our days with lots of different activities. This week we got arts and crafty with some seasonal cutouts and glitter glue. I cut out some fall leaf shapes and Christmas shapes and Megan and I decorated them with glitter glue. Megan really got into it and got very excited about the glitter. She calls it "skoosh" (translation: squish) because she has to squeeze the glue out of the tube. Skooshing turned into finger painting, and then before I knew it, she had skooshed glitter all over her arms, legs and tummy. She was a very shiny baby! Smart mom that I sometimes am, I had the foresight to declare craft time a diaper only activity. Even though I only buy washable craft supplies, glitter still comes off the skin easier than off pants.

I have to admit, I had fun "skooshing" too! Here's a picture of our craftiness:

And here are two that Megan decorated that I really like. She picked the glitter colors and skooshed all by herself!

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dowroa said...

We need an arts and crafts "kid" table for all these crafts!