Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear Santa, I'm Sorry...

Dear Santa,

I'm sorry I freaked out and cried when I went to have my picture taken with you yesterday. Mommy had told me all about you - how you're nice, red, soft, and have a beard. I even told Mommy you were yummy. I watched all the other kids sit in your lap, but when it was my turn, I got scared. Thank you for letting Mommy and Daddy sit in the picture with us. Mommy said that I should tell you what I'd like for Christmas: Can you help my parents be more photogenic?


P.S. I like your reindeer.

So that's how the Santa Photos went. Hope you get a kick out of our family Santa shot. It might have helped a little if the elf taking the picture had actually said, "Hey, I'm taking the picture now!" Then we might not all look as though we're about to be run down by Rudolph. But whatever, pictures and memories are priceless, and at least Megan was totally adorable in her gingerbread dress. We took a few other shots behind Santa in front of the big Christmas trees that turned out ok.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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