Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Rambler

Megan is quite the little chatterbox these days. Her vocabulary is expanding every day (so Brian and I really have to watch what we say around her!) She has even been putting words together to form simple sentences. She says things like "Meggie watch Elmo," "More gummies!" and "Mommy catch!" On that note, should Megan ever ask you to catch something, please pay attention. The girl has quite an arm on her and you've probably got about 3 seconds before something goes whizzing past your head.

One night recently Megan woke up coughing, so I took her a glass a milk and rocked her for a while. She didn't drink any of the milk; instead she talked to me non-stop for almost 30 minutes - I could barely get a word in! Our conversation finally culminated with Megan saying, "Mocha-Shoki-Tig-Tig-Back!-Bailey-treat-treat-Splash-apple-yummy!" all in one breath. I replied with "Megan, Quiet!"

And she still loves to dance! Here's a video of Megan doing a more lyrical-style dance to Elmo and India Aria's ABCs.

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