Friday, August 6, 2010

Herring Limo!

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the `joke post`! Dad had gotten a rental truck during the trade-in process, and Mom could not bare to not snap some photos of Dad in a truck. It was a really NICE truck, but not what I want right now.

So, without further wait.....

This is the new family car -- A 2010 Ford Flex. We were going to go used, but we got a fairly good deal, and traded in the Mommy car for this car. It has lots of room for everyone, and plenty of room to grow into. Also, this is a car that is all Mommy's, and she really appears to like it! I think the whole family will love it, and we are really going to put it to the test in September with a family trip to the Outer Banks. It should be a great time! The car rides VERY quiet, and has lots of comfort and intelligence features that we thought just were not possible with American cars. Ford has really come a long way, and we shopped EVERYTHING.

Below are a few parting shots, and if you want to see more, just visit us or the Family Photos on the right bar!

- Dad

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Robert Gillies said...

Welcome to teh Ford Family... ;*)

You got Sync didn't you? What do you think of that?