Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hi all!

As the family as grown, so has our need for a little more space. At this point in time, we were running out of space in the family car. Everyone loves the family car, and it is really quirky and us. At no point has it ever let us down, and I think everyone loves it. However, with Stacy barely having room to ride passenger, Dad getting kicked by Megan, and the car 100% full with just our daily amount of stuff, the family car isn't fulfilling the role we needed.

This means that we have to unfortunately replace the car. This is something no one is really happy about. :(

So, last week, the Herring family, after a lot of quick, deep and long searching, found a replacement!

Welcome to Herring Truck-a-sarus!!!

See you soon in the Herring-a-sarus!!

- Dad

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