Sunday, January 1, 2012

Megan: March - Dec 2011

Ah. So it is time to catch up.

Let's see. Megan. She is no longer playing any formalized ball sports. Mostly, she loves dressing up now, playing word games and puzzles, and is figuring out how to be a big sister. She is now regularly attending PMO at a local Lutheran church and is developing some childhood friends. Cannon seems to be in the running for the name I hear the most, right next to Nathan.

Toy-wise, there are a lot of toys. Surprisingly, many of these are books or puzzles. Lots of drawing and penciling. Most of this happens on the desk setup for her and Sarah.

Personality, we are the drama-queen. If I think about it, this is definitely something that she gets from Dad, and something we both have to constantly work on. Favorite color - purple, without a doubt. Handedness - Right. Hair - Long and messy without a natural part. Eyes - Blue. Coordination - Unsure.

Overally, Megan is turning into a very polite young lady, and seems to be a kid, which is great. However, both her and her sister use surprisingly grown-up (complex) words at times, which is always very strange to hear for me. :)

Still, all seems to be going well in the life of Megan, and The Parents will get back to making these monthly, instead of yearly, updates.

Now, back to dancing, playing, dressing up, and listening to Megan's "fantastical" stories!

- Dad

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