Monday, January 2, 2012

Sarah: March - Dec 2011

Sarah... ah.. much has changed in the past 9 months. We have gained the ability to play on the iPad. We walk, run and climb on everything. We now talk in mostly complete sentences, of which I hear "nnnnn...nnnn...Mahna Mahna", which means "Dad, play Mahna Mahna on YouTube". And, finally, we are starting to enter the terrible Twos and still teething. :(

Speaking of which, we are developing a personality of our own now, as well. We like Mahna Mahna as our favorite song. Sarah LOVES to bounce and dance... and fall. She will jump and fall off of any and everything. Also, she loves to explore. And by explore, I mean we can climb up, on, over anything in our way. Doors? Not a problem. Locks? Getting there.

Development and trait-wise, Sarah is different than her older sister. She still has blonde hair and blue eyes (like Dad did), and has not shown a hand dominance. All of her teeth are still working their ways in. Sarah is always happy and bubbly until she is not, but generally, that means there is a real problem or I am really hurt. Sarah can do anything the big kids can do, and if not, she will try until she does it. She seems to have been latching onto what Megan learns, and is trying to learn at the same rate. She comes up with DOOZIES of words that we didn't realize she had learned. Also, she likes to say ":sniff sniff: Daddy Scchmeeells". :\

As for activities, the main one that Dad gets to see is the integrating of two separate and different personalities working together. Sarah and Megan are similar, and also very different. Sarah will take on things much bigger than her, and takes a knock and generally keeps on going. Older sister is a bit more of a rules lawyer, and sets up games and rules for everyone to follow. Sarah just falls along and tries to have fun.

All is well as we move into the New Year, and here's to more updates... and some more photos in Dad's Photostream so he can put more images into posts. :\

- Dad

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